Take Advantage Of Wireless Charging On Your Ride

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Imagine a world where tangled charging cables and frantically searching for an outlet are things of the past. That world is here thanks to the convenience of wireless charging! As this technology becomes more prevalent, phone cases are adapting to enhance the wireless charging experience. So, why not make the most of it by choosing the perfect wireless charging phone case for your device?

Key Takeaways

  • Wireless charging phone cases provide a convenient & safe way to charge devices.
  • Choose the right materials, thickness, & design for an effortless experience with advanced features.
  • Enjoy the balance between functionality and style with wireless charging phone cases!

Understanding Wireless Charging Phone Cases

Person pressing the charging button on the back of the Charge Case to charge their phone

Wireless charging has revolutionized the way we power our devices, offering a hassle-free method to charge compatible devices, such as a phone wirelessly, without needing a physical connection. With wireless charging capabilities, including fast charging, wireless chargers become even more convenient for users, making a wireless charging device an essential accessory.

With the advent of wireless charging, phone cases have been redesigned to facilitate easy charging and provide effective device protection.

Factors Affecting Wireless Charging

While phone cases can enhance the wireless charging experience, certain factors can affect the charging process. The material of the phone case is one such factor, with non-metal cases being the best choice for wireless charging. The StrideCharge Charge Case is a premium charging case which include materials like ABS and TPU, know for their shock-absorbing and superior strength. You won't run in to any issues charging your phone with your StrideCharge charging case.

Choosing the Right Wireless Charging Phone Case

Selecting the appropriate phone case is a key step towards fully benefiting from your wireless charging experience. Factors to consider include:

  • Compatibility with your device
  • Ability to mount to your bike
  • Design and style

Consideration of these factors can help maintain a balance between functionality and aesthetics, leading to an enjoyable and efficient charging experience.

Maximizing the Benefits of Wireless Charging Phone Cases

The StrideCharge Charge Case being attached to the Stride Bike Mount. The Bike Mount is attached to a bicycle's handlebars

Adhering to certain tips can help you derive maximum benefits from your wireless charging phone case, thus enhancing your charging experience. These tips include:

Combining Functionality and Style

Finding the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics in a wireless charging phone case can significantly enhance your overall experience. Choosing a case that supports efficient wireless charging and the versatility to mount your phone to your bike allows you to reap the benefits of wireless charging while maintaining your phone’s style and protection.


In conclusion, wireless charging phone cases offer a fantastic way to combine convenience and style while keeping your device charged and protected. By considering factors such as materials, versatility, and design, you can select the perfect case that maximizes the benefits of wireless charging technology. So, it’s time to say goodbye to tangled cables and embrace the future of charging with a wireless charging phone case!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Stride Charge Case recharge my phone?

Yes, the case is built with 4800 mAh, which means it will double your iPhone's battery life.

What is the difference between a StrideCharge charging case and other cases?

The StrideCharge Case is currently the only charging phone case on the market that will allow you to mount your phone to your handlebars. The case has a built in connector on the back of the case that allows you to mount your phone to the Stride Handlebar Mount.

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