Side view of the StrideCharge Charge Case and Bike Mount attached to a bike's handlebars


How It Works

The StrideCharge Bundle comes with a Charge Case and a Handlebar Mount. The Charge Case is a wireless charging phone case that will protect your phone and wirelessly charge it anytime, anywhere. The Mount attaches securely and easily to your handlebars and requires no tools. The Charge Case locks into the Mount securely and disengages with ease.

Stay Charged On The Move!

The Case

A leap forward in wireless technology

High-quality construction and shock-absorbing materials, tested for maximum durabilty. StrideCharge cases will keep your phone safe and fully charged on your most extreme adventures.

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Sleek design meets unparalleled functionality

A phone sliding into the Stride Charge Case

Sleek Design

Every StrideCharge product is designed to look as great as it functions.

Secure Mounting

Attach the Charge Case to the Mount and ride confidently knowing your phone is secure.

Wireless Charging

Conveniently charge your phone anywhere, anytime.

StrideCharge attached to a golf cartStrideCharge attached to a baby stroller

Perfect For Everyone

Our innovative technology is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to stay charged AND use their phone while away from an outlet.

StrideCharge is Ideal For:

•Cycling •Motorcycles •Golfing •Baby Strollers •Indoor Bike Trainers •Hiking •Camping •Everyday Errands

Wherever Your Busy Life Takes You!

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Over 350 5 star reviews


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Derrick K.

Verified Purchase

Purchased this for my indoor training and it works perfectly. I connect my phone to my TV for my Zwift sessions and prior to Stride Charge, I would always finish my training with a nearly dead phone battery. With Stride Charge, I am now able to finish my Zwift session with a fully charged phone.

Greg H.

Verified Purchase

Been on lots of rides with my StrideCharge Mount and Case. It works very well. The mount really does keep my phone secure and the wireless charging feature is a blessing.

Devon H.

Verified Purchase

It works great on my bike rides and the case is amazing. The case is made extremely well and I use it as my everyday phone case.

Dale F.

Verified Purchase

I went on a 150km bike ride and was using the Strava app and listening to music the entire time. About 50km left to ride, my phone had 5% battery left. I just pressed the charge button on the back of the phone case and I finished my ride with a fully charged phone. Thank you Stridecharge!

Mike R.

Verified Purchase

Great product. I've used other phone cases which are really stiff and hard to take my phone out of. With the Stride case, the case completely protects my phone and it is really easy to slide my phone out of the case.

Jay S.

Verified Purchase

I use this all the time and it works great. Having the ability to charge my phone whenever is great and it doesn't matter if I am going on a long ride or just riding around the city

The outcome is a Charging Case that’s elegant, trendy, and exquisite, fitting perfectly onto your handlebars.
StrideCharge is one of the most versatile and practical phone case chargers on the market.
The StrideCharge not only does the job incredibly well, but its stylish, sleek design is a real head-turner.
These strong materials are the secret to its ability to keep phones safe as riders tackle mountain paths or go over speed bumps.
StrideCharge Case and Mount on a dark table

The future of wireless charging is here


The StrideCharge difference

Every StrideCharge product is designed to look as great as it functions.

iPhone Charge Case & Handlebar Mount Bundle
iPhone Charge Case & Handlebar Mount Bundle Sale price$115.00 CAD Regular price$164.00 CAD
Wireless Charging


Sleek Design



4800 mAh capacity


High grade ABS & TPU

Handlebar Mount

Adjusts to 25-40 mm in diameter and fits most handlebars.

Cyclist checking they trail map on their phone. They are using a StrideCharge Charge Case and Bike Mount


Close up of the Stride Bike Mount installed on a bicycle's handlebars

Step 1: Attach your durable, easy-to-install Mount to your handlebars. No tools required

Close up of a person attaching the StrideCharge Charge Case to the Bike Mount

Step 2: Attach your Stride Charge Case to your Stride Handlebar Mount and turn to lock it into place with a gentle 'click'.

A cyclist pressing the charging button on the back of the Stride Charge Case

Step 3: Start charging your phone wirelessly with the push of a button. Enjoy your music or favorite apps while you ride.

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